Technical Articles based on Linux, if you are not aware of Linus Torvalds, google him and review before reading the below. Currently the below is mostly targeted at Red Hat Linux and does incorporate a little with the SUSE technology, if items of interest to learn about the difference between other platforms such as Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian please feel free to reach out.  If you are more focused on the Linux branches that now compromise either the Mobile or Gaming platforms, we will expand this to include Android or (PS3/Valve).

Have you seen the Minority Report movie where they are using hand swipe gestures to control the screens? If this is something that interests you, check out the Leap Motion.

Do you like to get the new cool stuff before it hits the market? This concept is based on crowd funding and there is a few sites that provide this, the one I currently use is Kick Starter.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a car that utilizes ipad equivalents as the touch screen displays, so you can get updates to the vehicle over the air, Elon Musk, amazing innovator and creator of various technologies, has created the Tesla.

Are you like me and notice the gap that is created when utilizing cell phone technology, look at what Sergey Brin is doing with the Google Glasses.

Do you like to learn and want to do it on your own pace, but make it into a fun game as you can earn points for what you learn, look into what Salman “Sal” Khan has created with the Khan Academy.

If you notice any of the links, they are direct links to the respective individuals and their companies, there is no ad click tracking or other items attached.  This is purely provided for knowledge and education.